We too are pawrents! We look forward to all the moments where we get to be a super pawrent through our furbaby’s eyes. We understand the role is accompanied with rewards and challenges. We know you too are doing your absolute best!!!

We truly believe in the saying “it takes a village”. After years of diligently working to master the “Art of Pawrenting”, we decided it was the optimal time to share with our fellow pawrents a few tricks to minimize the challenges. Our mission is strictly dedicated to simultaneously enhancing the lives of all furbabies and increasing the rewards of being a pawrent by designing innovative, safe, comfortable and eco-friendly solutions. 

We Believe In:

Through our lens, a family is the foundation of all successful relationships. Without a doubt all furbabies are essential family members that play a vital role in that foundation. We believe you too are part of our family and are devoted to demonstrating this throughout each interaction! Welcome to our family!

Innovation & Efficiency 
We are obsessed with designing products that work better and are easy to use. We’re delighted to do the hard part so you can spend more time forming memories with your furbabies! 

We stray away from disposable products that could potentially add pollutants; and focus primarily on utilizing biodegradable packaging and designing reusable textile products.

Quality is in our DNA!

Focused on providing durability, style, comfort, functionality and eco-friendly products!

Fast Shipping!

Time is of the essence. We work hard to get your orders in the mail fast!

We Love to Chat!

Here Fur You stands true day or night! Have a question, concern or need support? Send us a message!