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Beautifully designed to be super chic, yet extremely comfortable and secure. Our Halo Pet Suspenders are perfect for your stylish furbaby that needs a little help keeping diapers and garments in place. Halos are made of breathable lightweight material that is soft against their neck and fur, but strong enough to hold it all together.  Easy on the neck Adjustable Straps Durable Gunmetal Clasps Your baby won't escape  
JUMPIES (Suspenders)
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Our babies often like to show us a magic trick every now then. It all start's with a little scooting, then some wiggles and BAM! They are off to running around and rejoicing...DIAPER FREE! That leaves us Pawrent's with a mess to later clean. So we came up with a trick of our own.... the Jumpies! Our Jumpies are our version of suspenders that help to keep everything in tact. The black adjustable elastic bands gently hug your baby's body. Each band is equipped with a breathable mesh shoulder pad providing the utmost comfort for your baby. The adjustable genuine leather back and chest plate also adds an additional level of comfort and customization. The metal clasps serve as the final line of defense, by ensuring a secure grip on to all garments without causing irritations or fur loss. She won't wiggle her way out of this one!   DESCRIPTION ENHANCED DESIGN - We tailored our Jumpies with your furbabies in mind. ARCM Pets Jumpies provide a multi-use option to keep their Cheekies in place. With extra stretchy elastic, you can use your Jumpies multiple ways to ensure comfort and function is at its peak.  COMFORTABLE & CUSTOMIZABLE - Staying comfortable is very important to us and that is why we paid attention to some key details when designing our Jumpies. Our Jumpies’: Breathable adjustable shoulder pads provide comfort and protection to your fubaby’s shoulders and coat.  Thick and durable elastic bands help to keep Cheekies and all garments intact while withstanding daily wear and tear. Adjustable straps provide optimal comfort with unlimited options to secure the perfect fit.  Limiting the use of metal, only to the claps, prevents your baby from experiencing irritations and fur loss.  SIZING - Our Jumpies come in two sizes that can accommodate a wide array of curves and sizes. Our smedium Jumpies are perfect for furbabies ranging between 9 to 35 pounds, and our medium/large are just the right match for babies from 30 to 75 pounds.  With the endless adjustment options for each size, we are confident you will be able to adjust them to the perfect fit!
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Sometimes we need extra protection for those heavy days! DESCRIPTION KEEP YOUR FURBABY DRY AND COMFORTABLE - Our cloth diaper inserts are made from soft and ultra absorbent and naturally hypoallergenic charcoal bamboo fleece, which wicks moisture away and prevents irritation while reducing infections. 5 LAYERS OF ULTRA ABSORBENCY - Each reusable pad features 2 layers of soft charcoal bamboo fleece surrounding 3 ultra-absorbent microfiber layers that trap up to 10 ounces of liquid.  NATURAL ODOR ABSORBER - Organic bamboo charcoal serve as natural concealers of odors providing your baby with extended periods of freshness.  ENVIRONMENTAL & ECONOMICAL - Our reusable diaper inserts are machine washable, saving all pawrents money and reducing landfill waste. UNMATCHED QUALITY - Made from 80% organic bamboo charcoal and 20% microfiber, our pads are precisely stitched to prevent leaks and enhance durability.  SIZE - Our Organic Bamboo Charcoal Diapers are strategically designed to perfectly fit in the corresponding sized Cheeky. SPOILER ALERT... we believe in simultaneously saving money and the world; therefore we also made them to universally fit most diapers. 

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