All about our Cheekies

When Amber and I began talking about creating ARCM Pets we made it clear we wanted to set the standard for quality in all our products. Owning multiple breeds between the two of us has allowed us to see what is lacking in the pet industry. When our French and English Bulldogs started going into heat we tried many different diapers and none of them worked for our babies. Most had tail holes which meant leaks or modifications, they were thin and not very cute. Over time we both switched to using baby clothes to help keep their diapers on and add a little fashion to the plain Jane options. Even then the diapers seemed to attract hair and didn't last long after a few washes. All of this frustration led us to creating our Cheekies!

We took our time focusing on details that we noticed we would have liked when buying dog diapers. Our first mission entailed searching for a quality material with adorable prints. We wanted our babies to be fashionable and comfortable. We found the same waterproof and washable material used for washable baby diapers and knew immediately this is exactly what we needed. When you receive our diapers you will be able to feel the quality, the softness and durability that we fell in love with. As a huge bonus our diapers don't attract hair! Our designs are digitally printed to keep the colors vibrant wash after wash. 



When we turned to the inside we noticed our competitors had very thin sewn in absorbent pads in various colors. We wanted to increase the number of microfiber layers to ensure our babies stayed dry and comfortable. We also decided to keep the color white on all diapers so you can see any signs of infection right away. 

Looking at the baby diapers design gave us the idea to create pockets for washable pad inserts for added protection. Our bamboo charcoal inserts offer five additional layers of protection. We used organic bamboo charcoal on the two outer layers that are more absorbent, contain antimicrobial properties, and, thanks to the infused charcoal, reduce odors. The inner three layers are microfiber for added absorbency. Keeping in mind everyone loves options, we designed our Cheekies to give all furbabies multiple ways to wear. You can use them as is or simply add our washable pad inserts.

Finally we wanted to make sure our diapers hugged our babies in all the right places. We extended the straps to accommodate the thicker girls as well as give more room on those bloated days. Adding gussets on the legs and top were important to help reduce leaks and give a snug fit. 



While we currently only offer diapers for the tailless babies, we are working on expanding our line to include Cheekies with tail holes. We want to be able to offer the same quality, comfort and fashion to all furbabies and hope to do so this year. Designing our Cheekies was a tedious process but Amber and I would not have it any other way. We wanted to focus on the details to make a great product so you did not have to. Our mission is to work hard so you can worry less about the details and more about enjoying time with your babies knowing they will be comfortable! Check out our amazing Cheekies, Bamboo Charcoal Inserts and Jumpies to see for yourself just how great they really are!




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